To confirm a reservation we require the following information:

  •   Customer Name or Business Name
  •   Driver’s Licence
  •   Customer’s Mailing Address
  •   Contact Phone Number
  •   Site Address, Contact Name and Phone Number
  •   A Valid Credit Card Number on File
  •   A non-refundable down payment of 25%

Your order will not be considered “reserved” until a down payment and signed Special Event Rental Agreement are received.


Glass House Events will issue the Client an invoice reflecting the total cost of services. A 25% non-refundable deposit is due on the date of signing the contract. The remaining balance may be made in installments. The total balance must be paid no later than 14 days prior to the date of the Client’s event. Payments are accepted by e-transfer (sent to, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, cash, or certified funds. Payments made with MasterCard, Visa, OR American Express are subject to an additional 2.9% transaction fee.  


In the event the Client postpones his/her event due to Public Health restrictions or any other reason, the Client’s down-payment may be transferred to the new date of the Client’s event on the condition the new date is set within the following calendar year, subject to any pricing changes. The first postponement will not be subject to penalty; however, each subsequent postponement will be subject to a $500 penalty. In the event of a postponement, the Client shall enter into a new Contract with Glass House Events.


*In the event Glass House Events staff are adversely affected by COVID-19 the Client’s event may be affected. Please contact Glass House Events for further details.


In the event the Client cancels the event for any reason, the Client’s down-payment is non-refundable.


Glass House Events strives to meet your expectations. When you enter into this Contract, Glass House Events shall reserve the requested items for the event date. Any subsequent request to increase the number of supplies will be subject to inventory availability. In the event the Client wishes to reduce the number of items supplied by Glass House Events, the reduction will be limited to a 20% reduction and only if notice is given in writing no later than 14 days prior to the event date.


The rental rate is based on a weekend rental for events taking place on Saturday. Glass House Events typically delivers the equipment on Friday and pick up on Sunday. If the Client requires the equipment items longer, please contact Glass House Events. The timeline may vary on an event-to-event basis depending on weather or other variables outside of Glass House Events’ control. 


Large items (tent, tables, chairs, dancefloor, lighting, and washrooms) will be delivered to the Client’s event site the evening before the event and set up by the Glass House Team. The finer items (linens, glassware, dinnerware, flatware, generator and audio equipment) will be delivered and set up on the day of the event. Upon delivery and set up of the items, the Client or his/her designate will be required to review the services with a member of the Glass House Team and sign an Inventory Checklist acknowledging delivery and your satisfaction.


A 60FT by 70FT rectangular flat area is required for the 40FT x 50FT clear span tent. The tent requires staking into ground at a depth of 42” and a secure ground type (soil, grass, clay, etc.). 20FT unobstructed height clearance is also required.

All packages include a mandatory site visit prior to setup to ensure there is sufficient space for proper and safe installation on a date agreed upon by Glass House Events and the Client.


Glass House Events requires overnight security provided by the Client at the Client’s expense to setup Glass House Events’ services on any and all public property. 


The Client is responsible for any and all permits which may be required. Some municipalities require a permit to erect a tent (particularly on public property and usually over 2400 sq feet). Glass House Events can provide the Client with the engineering documentation and certificate of flame resistance for the tent, if required.


Prior to the commencement of installation, the Client shall clearly identify to Glass House Events the location of all underground pipes, wires, or other utility equipment on the grounds. In the event of default of this provision, the Client shall be solely responsible for any and all damage caused by tent stakes or other equipment. If underground utilities are not marked, Glass House Events’ tent manager has the discretion to not erect the tent to ensure staff safety.


If any items supplied by Glass House Events are lost or damaged, there will be a fee for each item lost or damaged. If a lost piece is located within 5 days of the date of your event and a lost fee was charged to the Client, the fee shall be reimbursed.

Any items considered un-rentable by Glass House Events’ standards the Client will be charged full replacement value. The Client is responsible for the goods from the time of pick-up/delivery until the items are returned to Glass House Events. The Client shall ensure all equipment is secure and protected from the weather while in the Client’s possession. Glass House Events does charge for: soiled, broken, damaged or missing items, including packaging materials. There will be an additional cleaning charge for any wax, excessive grease, ink and/or hard to remove stains on linens and fabrics. There will also be an additional cleaning charge for any excessive uncleanliness of the portable washrooms. Glass House Events’ insurance does not cover equipment while it is in the Client’s possession.


The Client shall advise Glass House Events if the generator will be used for any other purpose than powering Glass House Events’ equipment. 


Glass House Mobile Events carries a policy of insurance; however, such insurance does not apply to the inventory during the time it is in the Client’s possession.  Glass House Events does not accept any liability for personal injury or other loss that may arise from the Client’s event. It is recommended that the Client obtain insurance to protect the Client from liability.


Glass House Events includes a 50 km distance travel included in package pricing. Travel outside of our 50 km radius will be charged at $4.00/km. 


Though Glass House Events is determined to make the Client’s celebration perfect, Glass House Events is a mobile event venue and not an event coordination service. Please discuss with Glass House Events if you need additional coordination outside the scope of venue setup and teardown. 


The Client agrees that Glass House Events may use any images and stories from the Event for any means of promotion, including advertising and display on websites and/or social media, unless otherwise stated by the Client. The Client waives any right to payment, royalties, or any other consideration for the use of the images or stories.